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David Perkins, certified professional life coach

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My mission/purpose, for life coaching, is to help you discover your true self, and to help you identify and manage, or remove obstacles that interfere with the fulfillment you seek in your life.  (see more about  "MISSION STATEMENT" in the site content section below)


What is a typical coaching session?

A typical coaching session is usually conducted for one hour, in person, either at my home office or at your home or other location convenient to you.  The location should always be as private, quiet and distraction free as possible.  Occasionally, a session on Skype can be conducted if needed, but in my opinion, the person to person sessions are the most productive. (See "COACHING SESSIONS"  in the site content section below)

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More about myself, my methods, and my sessions with you

ABOUT ME:   Why life coaching?   How did I get here?    As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by and curious about the process of human thought;  everything from how and why we decide and remember things, to how and why we define ourselves the way we do.  I have been reading about and studying these subjects for many years, and continue reading daily about human psychology and the decision making process.  I had an excellent career counselor a few years ago (with 30 years of career and family counseling experience!) who, after many months of very insightful sessions with me, pointed out the many jobs, life experiences, and interests I have had in my past that were directly connected to this interest of mine!  It was no accident, and it made perfect sense to me. Additionally, like all of you, I have had both good and difficult times in my life. The hard times were, for me, ironically the hardest to learn from, but (eventually!) gave me the most valuable insights into human behavior Iv'e ever learned!  Some of the "highlights" include bankruptcy, a sudden divorce, a layoff, a surgery which caused an additional job loss, an auto accident I don't remember, after which I was told that two people were frantically arguing over whether I was dead or not!, and a seven year battle with cancer during which I was told my survival odds were 10-15%..."WHEW!"  During these "worst of times" if you will, I learned a lot about myself!  Now, this is only a partial list, but these are things I do not dwell on or even think about or talk about much today.  I have much to be happy and grateful for in my current life, and I try to share the lessons learned from my past with others like you. During all of those difficulties, whenever I felt helpless or hopeless, I would think to myself that no one should have to feel this way, and I promised myself that I would find a way to help others to get through these times, and even move toward greatness in their lives!  Now I am a certified life coach from Wainwright Global, inc. (which was founded by someone highly recommended by my helpful career counselor!) Now I am happily working with people like you, who are willing to ask good questions of yourself, and define and refine goals and expectations, and bravely move toward your greatest self.                   MISSION STATEMENT    (in more detail)      I do not claim I can help everyone, but I can help the person who is willing to ask the honest questions of themselves, and to see things as they ACTUALLY ARE in their lives.  My job as your coach is not to "give you all the answers" and provide instant happiness, but rather to help you to help yourself!  The importance of this cannot be overstated, because when results start to come to you, it will be because of YOUR efforts, based on YOUR actions that came from YOUR decisions!   Progress can only be made when truth is confronted.  As they say in medicine;  "Accurate diagnosis is half the cure!"  The good news is that acknowledging the facts of your situation in life and how that came to be, can actually be quite a liberating and empowering experience if you choose to see it this way!  The people I'm looking to help are those of you who feel stuck, in a rut, or maybe looking for your true calling in life.  If you want more meaning and fulfillment in your life, but are stuck in your comfort zone and/or feel your self confidence is lacking, then I know exactly what that feels like, and I believe we can work together to move you toward a greater version of yourself!                COACHING SESSIONS            Our first coaching session is about getting to the "why" of why you are meeting with me.   My job is to listen intently, at each and every session, to your description of your current situation, as I take notes, ask relevant followup questions, and eventually we arrive at an accurate definition of your current issue that we agree on, (this can take more than one session, but it is very important to understand CLEARLY what you are trying to accomplish!) then take steps that move you toward where you want to go, and who you want to be!   It's been said that  "We are sad when living in the past, anxious when living in the future, and at peace when living in the present!"  One of the things we do, together, is try to see which of these modes is your dominant thinking pattern, or some version of those.  Through Socratic questioning, and examining the relevant areas of your life such as your habits, the people you associate with, your dominant thoughts, the way you speak to yourself, your goals, etc. we try to identify any possible limiting beliefs, cognitive distortions, unrealistic expectations, etc. that may be hampering your progress.  There is always some constraint, some limiting factor that keeps us from moving from our present state, toward our desired state, and that is what we need to identify in your case, and that can be very empowering once identified!     It's important for both of us that you feel completely free and confident to honestly express yourself in our sessions.  You are the one and only expert on yourself, not me or anyone else, so I rely on you, and encourage you, to openly express yourself.  My sessions with you are completely confidential.  No one but the two of us is ever privy to our conversations, or the notes I take during our sessions.  All notes are kept in a locked file cabinet between our sessions for your privacy.   Every person has their own unique story, and exciting potential waiting to be discovered.  I look forward to hearing your story, and helping you to discover your exciting potential! David Perkins                              


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